Icconsulting information consulting Co.Ltd. is an entrepreneurial think-tank, located in Beijing, China. Devoting to be the pioneer of crowdsourcing consulting in China and Asia-Pacific area, we uphold the free and open concept, adopt sharing economic model, contact global professionals, and serve the decision makers in the face of complex challenges.With information explosion in the diverse and changing world today, effective intelligence information is the basis of all decision-making. Therefore, our mission is to gather global wisdom, direct ways of decision-making. In a relatively low cost and high efficiency way, we will provide business leaders, professional managers and government policymakers with more objective, neutral and timely situation assessments, analytical predictions and specific suggestions, which serves as a strong reference for their strategic decision-making.We sincerely hope that the sharing of knowledge and the allocation of resources can transform into your real wealth.


The core values of sharing economy are “use rather than possess” and “idle means waste”. Crowdsourcing consulting is actively practicing this Internet thinking concept, to create a broader, freer and more flexible consulting platform. It enables global top experts and interdisciplinary talents to participate in our research project. With their wisdom and ideas, our consulting services can have higher efficiency, more in-depth analysis, more unique perspective with lower cost.


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